Friday, October 19, 2007

Terrible Blogger

Yes, you have again been neglected. I have so much going on right now that I just can't keep up! Mostly work stuff...going for a new job and very antsy about it. And I won't know anything for about 3 weeks, so the antsy will continue.

What else? Oh! I won $500 in a raffle today. Cool, huh?

Ummmmmmm. Not a lot to report, I guess. I am working diligently on my knitting. I am making the Tilted Duster for my best friend for her b-day/x-mas gift. It is turning out very nice and is a pretty quick knit.

So, that's it for now!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

iPhone Irritation

So I am about to head over to the mall to get my third iPhone of the weekend. The first one wouldn't hold a charge, and the new one they gave me Friday won't ring when it is in sleep mode. Very irritating.

I still love the product, but I'm a little peeved right now.

On the knitting front, I have a ton of projects going and not enough time to finish them.

Not much to report, but I thought I should post something...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekend Report

Last weekend was awesome. Mom and I decided to visit grandma for the weekend, so we headed up there on Friday afternoon. During the drive, I got a text from one of my employees that she was offered a job/promotion and it made my day. She is awesome and we had been working on this for quite a while. Anyhow, I was thrilled.

When we got to the casino (yes, this is where members of a gambling family meet up) we both bought our bingo cards and then went to play cards and slots for a bit. Bingo was pretty boring and we did not win, but we sat by some fun people and had a good time. After bingo we went out to the casino to play some more.

After a little while at the Pai Gow table I got a hand of cards that shocked the heck out of me. They dealt me a royal flush! It was one card off from the big payout (a 7 card straight flush), but it still paid out about $650. This was awesome.

Mom and I ended up staying for quite some time and she got a 4 of a kind which paid $125. Overall it was a very profitable, and late, night for us. We were having breakfast at Denny's at 3:30 in the morning. Eek!

The next day we slept in rather late and then spent the day being lazy at grandma's. I worked on my Cardigan for Arwen and we fixed the sound on grandma's computer (the speakers were unplugged). Grandma made us what I would consider the be the perfect meal: Macaroni & cheese and her special carrots. She makes these carrots that are just so yummy and that none of us can duplicate. They are just made using butter and brown sugar and salt and pepper, but they taste fabulous. Anyhow, see the picture below. I know, it doesn't look very exciting, but it tasted awesome.

After dinner, we went to the other casino in town for more playing. I didn't win, but I didn't lose much either. My uncle joined us for this trip and we had fun. We also got home before 1:00 am, so it was less of a late night.
One of the funniest things ever happened when we got back to the house... Grandma's DH was in bed sound asleep with the radio playing old country music at full blast (neither of them can hear worth a darn). Mom and I were cackling about it and figured they would turn it down or off sooner or later, which they did. But the next morning, grandma's DH told us that he woke up to see grandma in putting on her PJ's and brushing her teeth and dancing around the bathroom. This just cracked us up! They are such happy and goofy old people.

Grandma had such a fun time having us visit and we had a great time as well. I realized something important while we were there that probably had a lot to do with it... I have spent so much time over the last year worrying about grandma and her husband and how they are getting old and shouldn't drive and so forth. Over the last few months, my other grandparent's health has declined dramatically and it made me realize how well these grandparents are really doing. It's a sucky comparison, but I will not worry about them as much for now.

So what else to report? Oh yeah, I started my Cardigan for Arwen. A pic is below of my progress. Oh, and the Baudelaire sock? Doesn't fit me. But it fits grandma perfectly so I will make a second sock and give them to her.

Here is a pic of my new favorite yarn. I have no idea of what to make with it, but I have plenty of it.

Oh, and a cute picture of Deacon. Just for fun.

Well, I can't think of anything else that should be reported for now... Just cross your fingers for the internet to get fixed!

Reader Neglect

I am so sorry. My internet is giving me an incredible amount of grief, so you all have been sorely neglected. I am going to try to post this and hope for the best. Then I will attempt to do a real post! Wish me luck...