Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So Much To Report, So Little Time

Where to start? This will not be detailed as I need to go to bed, but I am way overdue for a blog.

  • I got a promotion at work. I start in 2 weeks. I'm totally stoked. I'm also very nervous.
  • I got an awesome bonus and have purchased a few toys.
  • One of the toys is a Roomba Scheduler. I named him Jeeves, and DH did not like that name, so he has been renamed by DH. His new name is Mr. Belvedere.
  • Tomorrow Mr. Belvedere's partner in crime should arrive. DH has pre-named the Scooba to Snork.
  • Can you tell that DH grew up in the 80's?
  • Mr. Belvedere scares the hell out of poor Deacon and he chases Cassidy. It's about the funniest thing ever.
  • I have purchased way too much yarn lately.
  • And about that, I got a knitting "job" today. Someone was seeking a test knitter will be sending me the yarn and pattern this weekend. I will knit socks and return them with pattern correction and will be paid a decent sum. I'm pretty excited.

I think those are the major developments for the day. I will try to get back to regular posting here soon, but I can't promise anything...


Mother of Chaos said...

WOW! A knitting job?! How cool is THAT?!

I hope you love Mr. Belvedere and Snork. I love mine!!

Reddames said...

How much does Sunny rock? You rock Van Halen in the Coliseum hard! Congratulations! I want all of those things which you so richly deserve AND a Dyson so maybe Santa will see how much you are enjoying yours and bring me some of my own. Cause I know for a fact that Mrs. Santa reads blogs...