Thursday, December 13, 2007

Loopy Girl

I got a new kind of sleeping pill because the other ones weren't doing a lot of good. They would keep me asleep, but I had to fall asleep in the first place. Which is an equally difficult task. So now I am taking Ambien. My beloved Ambien. I think perhaps that I should start taking a half a pill because they seem to make me loopy. And forgetful. I also need to not have access to the computer after taking one because the loopy kicks in FAST.

For example the other night I was perusing and came across what seemed to be the most fabulously cute shirt ever. And evidently I ordered one if the email confirmation is to be believed (it was only $10!).

I mean really. What could be more cute than 2 bears playing an accordion together and sharing a beer? You really should read the description in that link. I think this is the line that got me "And as you can see, they certainly do have cute noses." And I am fond of cute noses on critters. Just ask my dogs and cat...their noses are pet all too often for their liking.

On a separate note, my pill is kicking in so I will make it quick. I am now doing the new job and I am crazy overwhelmed and freaked. But I do this with every new job, so I hope it will pass like it always has. Wish me luck. I have a fabulous boss and that makes all the difference in the world.

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