Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The knitted jacket I am making for Bugs is just such an issue. Here is the list of mishaps since I started it earlier this year:

  • Started knitting it in Elsebeth Lavold Angora in a beautiful teal color. The yarn is aran, the pattern calls for bulky. I thought I could get away with it. Nope...a little too thin, but I pressed on.
  • Sewed most of the pieces together (I think I finished all pieces before I gave up the first try). I didn't fit Bugs. The arms were too short. I thought I could knit on a cuff.
  • Looked at it some more and realized that I had set the sleeves in wrong and that had a lot to do with the poor fit. At this point, I realized that I needed to just rip and start over from scratch.
  • Put it in a bag for several months before ripping. Finally ripped and lost a decent amount of yarn because angora is not the easiest thing to frog.
  • Decided to make new using double stranded worsted weight pink yarn. Working well, but a pain in the ass to use two strands. I finally learned that I could wind two into one and it was easier. This was my first success.
  • While knitting the first front piece, I did the arm hole and neck shaping on the wrong sides. Riiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppp! And reknit.
  • Now, I just finished the second front piece. Can you guess what I did wrong this time? I forgot to switch from size 11 to size 13 needles on the 13th row (where the ribbing ends and the cables begin). *Sigh* I guess I'll be frogging again tomorrow. And I was so happy to be finished with these evil front pieces. *Sigh*
On the plus side, I am now #1,382 in line for Ravelry. At least that is something. And I am pleased to know that Tama will be getting in at about the same time and Pam will probably already be there, so I will have friends. Friends that can sympathize with such frustrations.


Reddames said...

Yeah, well - I'm in the 12,000 bucket. So party on, Sunny!

Anonymous said...

I'm way behind in Ravelry too. Like 19,000 or something.... I'll look for you when I get there !

I think it would hurt me too much to frog an entire piece. A couple of rows is all I'm willing to do!

Although... now that I remember, I once knitted an entire raspberry pink mohair sweater for myself, and it came out too big. My Mother-in-law (bless her) offered to fix it. She re-knitted the whole thing for me. My MIL is very talented.