Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another FO!

The short pink socks for mom are done! Yay!

I really like these socks. They are very comfortable and very cute. And a very quick knit! I think mom will really enjoy them.

As for the pattern, it's one I bought from the yarn store so I can't share a link to a free pattern. It is a very simple pattern though, and you can check out ordering instructions here. The ones I knit are called the Seashell Shortie and are knit using Cascade Fixation. I really like this yarn because it is very stretchy and there isn't a lot of concern about fit because of the stretchiness. When I knit socks for mom, I always make them so they are slightly too small for me and they turn out just right for her.

On a separate note, we had a visitor the other night:

Cool huh? It turned light to try to blend with the blinds, but did not get light enough to hide. DH took him outside and let him loose in the tomatoes. This picture isn't very clear, so in case you can't tell, that is a giant praying mantis. Those are 2" wood blinds and he was as big as a slat. He was very happy to go to the tomatoes.

Well, I guess the next item to finish will be the purple Shapely Tank. I better get busy!

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