Friday, August 10, 2007

Photo Blog and Attack of the Giant Zucchini

Today I will present you, my readers, with a lot of pictures and maybe a little content. Also, a request... Who is reading the blog? If you are reading, do you mind leaving a comment? Thanks much!

Now on to the photo blog.

First, I present you with my knitting muse, Layla. This is the little one I do most of my knitting for. She belongs to my best friend. She and her mom were over last Friday evening and I started snapping pics. In this, Layla is showing us how cute and spoiled she is. See, DH and mom were having a spat about tomatoes. DH didn't want to share with anyone. However, when Layla came to him and batted her eyes in his direction, he gave her the most beautiful tomato he could find.

And here Layla is continuing to admire her tomato. Isn't she adorable???
Here, Layla is modeling some socks I made for mom. Right after this picture she walked on the tile in the socks and fell. There was some crying, but no injuries. And yet, she STILL wouldn't take them off. She really likes my knitted items. Her mom has to hide her summer cardigan because she won't take it off even when it is 100 degrees and she's roasting.

And here is a picture of what we do with children in our house when they misbehave. Just kidding! She thought that spending time in the dog crate was a fine idea. The dogs were completely perplexed.Had enough of Layla? Didn't think so. She's so cute. But, I must show you a few other things. Namely, the fact that my yard is under attack. This is threatening to take over the world, and it has a few friends that are nearly as big.

While that picture shows that I have a big zucchini in my garden, I don't feel that it truly captures the magnitude of the threat. So, here it is posed with a bottle of wine. If you don't hear from me again, please send help.

On to a corn update. Here is the corn "field". It just keeps growing...
But more importantly...I HAVE CORN!!! Also, I have an ANT IN MY CORN!!! Damned ants. DH thinks they were just crawling up to get away from the water, but I am worried that I won't be the first one to eat this corn. I have at least 7 like this...

Well, I think that's enough for the evening. I also had a little photo shoot with Miss Daisy in preparation for her story. Which will be coming soon...I swear!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny !

This is goodstuf3. Thanks for the shout-out....and also thanks for the encouragement and enthusiasm!


Alyssa said...

Wow! The corn is amazing. I tried to grow corn a few years ago and it was a bust. I didn't get any. You have such a green thumb!


Anonymous said...

Sunny, I am quite impressed, and possibly frightened, by the ginormous zucchini! Quite a nice little garden you and your hubby have going there. :)


Stephanie said...

I read. Except last week when my computer was on strike.