Monday, August 6, 2007

The Last Four Days

I woke up unnecessarily early and sat on the couch to knit. Eventually I got up and straightened up my house because I had guests coming to visit...MY PARENTS AND PAYTON!!!

They got here around noon and we all proceeded to lounge around in a lazy fashion for the day. I love having every other Friday really makes the weeks go by easier.

Anyhow, dad started being a pill immediately. He hates that I only have the 100 channel Dish package at my house, and he complains loudly every time he visits. This time he complained because he would be missing the Giants game, and eventually wore me down. I upgraded to the 250 channel package and that shut him right up. Since the game didn't start until later, he watched that damned shark show where they were eating seals again. *sigh*

After upgrading the TV, mom and I started badgering dad (as we do always). We begged him to let us go play bingo, but he was having none of that. He's such a pill. So instead, we stayed home and made him a snack. He is a spoiled pill. He's just lucky he's cute and charming.

Later in the afternoon my friend and her little girl came to visit and stayed for dinner. It was great to visit with her. She's had a lot of rotten health stuff to deal with for a while, so it was nice to just have a mellow evening. Her baby is just the cutest little girl ever.

Saturday was the family reunion, which is the reason my parents were up to visit. It's a long drive, but it's in a nice park in a nice town with very nice weather, so it was good. I got to see my niece and nephew, and we brought Bugs (my niece) back home so she could go home with my parents for a week.

As expected, I spent most of the time at the reunion knitting. I decided to make mom some short socks for summer. I finished one and it turned out very cute. The funny part happened when I was working on it in a lawn chair... One of the random old lady relatives saw me knitting a smallish (but not that small) light pink sock. She came over and asked if it was some sort of "announcement". Note to self...possibly do not respond with "Oh hell no!" when at a very religious family reunion. Oops. But honestly! Who asks a question like that???

After the reunion we made the long drive home. Since Bugs was going to mom and dad's, she came home too and mom and I spent the evening in the park so she could play.

Slept in a little and got up to see off mom and dad and Bugs. :-( I spent the rest of the day being fairly lazy. The weather got really weird here and it was downright cold and VERY windy. I think the only productive thing I did (other than knit) was some laundry.

Monday (today)
Went to work and got some of my confidence back. I am in a completely new role for a while and feeling a little out of my comfort zone. But today I started to get into my groove and got some stuff going. That was good. The first week or so in a new role is always very tough for me. I tend to freeze up internally a little bit and it's hard for me to deal with. I don't think anyone notices but me, but it's mentally taxing.

Anyhow, on the work front things are interesting. Not for me but for DH. The opportunity for him at my company did not pan out (long story that I won't be going into, but nothing we could have done different) and he officially gave notice at his existing job today. This stresses me out but also feels good. He was working so many hours that it was about to kill him! The good thing is that he is a hard worker and a good guy so he will make money until he finds the right job. But for now, I will be a little stressed.

After work and all of that I decided that I needed to do something useful when I got home. I hemmed and hawed up until the last moment, but I finally got my lazy ass to put on my shoes and walk on the treadmill. Yay! I went for about 40 minutes at a reasonable speed and watched "Cash Cab" on the Discovery channel. That is a fun game show. I told myself that if I want to watch TV that I would have to do some of it while on the treadmill. Now I have to make sure to stick with it. I can't let the damned thing become a giant coat hanger like DH said it would!

After the exercise I started to work on a second Shapely Tank in a different yarn. I have some purple Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere in a dusty plum color and it's perfect for the pattern. I will make this one with slightly wider straps so that I can wear it to work and be within dress code. You know? I have a lot of WIPs (Works In Progress) going...I think they deserve their own post.

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Hollis said...

Good on you, Sunny, for the treadmill workout.