Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shapely Tank Update

The knitting is complete and I have learned how to do a double crochet (dc). I am doing the dc around the neck and armhole edges, and it looks nice so far. I will finish the armholes tomorrow and will them block it and share pics. I'm pretty sure I will not love this one like I love the original Shapely Tank, but it should be nice.

I am quite ready to move on to new projects though. I need to get some socks going...since I finished the short pink socks, I have yet to start a new sock! I think my next socks will be toe up with short row heels and some lace. I have attempted toe up and know I am capable, but have not really done it from start to finish. I have not done a short row heel yet, so I'm anxious to try that. And I intend to do these 2 at a time, so that should be a good challenge as well.

My big issue is deciding on what pattern to try. I have several lace patterns that I could incorporate and just make some up as I go, but I may go with an actual pattern instead. One that I keep coming back to is the Campanula. This one looks really nice and it incorporates all the elements I want for the next socks. In addition, to get the pattern I will need to make a donation towards a breast cancer walk, which is a good thing. I did find another pattern that I really like, but it fits none of my current criteria, so it will just go on the list for the future.

As for my Ravelry update...there are now only 2,245 people ahead of me in line. They are doing a lot of invites right now, and based on the latest update, I expect to be in within a week or two. I'm certain it will be the time-suck to end all time-sucks for a while. The most exciting thing right now is that I read somewhere that you will be able to view other people's stash lists. This means that maybe I will find people that have some Elann Endless Summer Luna that may be willing to sell it! I adore that yarn and I can't find any anywhere now that they stopped making it. *sigh* I also have high hopes that there will be yarn swap groups. I have plenty of stuff I want and some pretty good stuff to trade.

Side note to goodstuf3: I found another good sock knitting resource that you may enjoy: There are some good tips there, though the info is directed to people using dpns rather than 2 circular needles. But it still may help.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Sunny ! I actually started my very first pair of socks last night. The 2 circulars were confusing at first, but I've got about an inch done, and I'm getting the hang of it. I'm using a simple pattern - the one you pointed me to - but the yarn is self striping so there still stuff "going on".