Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Report

Not a ton to report. Mom and Dad and Payton came to visit and it was very fun. Mom and I went to a casino yesterday and had some Chinese food that I crave. This place makes this incredible sesame chicken, chow mien, and spring rolls. Totally unlike any other Chinese restaurant.

Anyhow, mom and I got to the casino at around 2:00. I started on a slot and lost so I headed to Pai Gow. I adore Pai Gow poker. It's my newest favorite. Anyhow, I played for a while and we headed off to lunch. Yum! Mom was a little ahead at that point and I was a little behind.

After lunch the Pai Gow tables were packed so I sat at another card table, Ultimate Texas Hold Em. It went well for about 10 minutes and then my money started flying out of my pocket. *sigh* I made it back to Pai Gow after a while and won back some of my money. We ended up leaving there at about 10:30 and headed home.

I was tired, but stayed awake by boring mom with work information (sorry mom!). We got home and sat around for a bit and eventually went to bed.

Today was terribly unexciting. Just some lounging around and stuff. I worked on mom's computer for a bit and then dad came back from a doctor's appt. I don't have a ton of info just yet, but it appears that he does have a heart thing going on. We should know more soon. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Of the productive things completed this weekend... I am halfway through the waist shaping on the Shapely Tank. It seems like it is taking forever, but I think it's because I haven't devoted a ton of time to knitting this week. I also got my house in reasonable shape before my parents arrived. It needs some deep-cleaning on a few things, but it's fine for now. Included in the cleaning was completion and putting-away of all laundry, so for the first time in ages we are starting the week with all clothes in order. That's a very nice feeling.

I can't recall any other productive stuff taking place this weekend, so that's all I have to report!

Oh...notice that I did move a few things around on the blog, and I added a poll. Please add your vote!

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